Diversifying a Portfolio With the Addition of Gold Bullion

bullet imageAlthough most advisers recommend having a balanced investment portfolio, what exactly that means for a given investor can be harder to say. Traditionally, it might including an age- and situation-appropriate mixture of risky holdings alongside safer ones, but figuring out exactly the right balance was often easier said than done. Another common failing of this kind is neglecting to look beyond the usual choices of stocks, funds, and Hard Assets Alliance bonds. In fact, adding commodities of properly chosen kinds to a portfolio can be wise, as well.

Many investors who discovered this in the last decade, in fact, benefited immensely from a recent climb in the worldwide price for gold. While gold is typically sought as a way of adding more stability to an investment portfolio, its historical potential for appreciation should not be neglected, either. With the price of gold having settled back down to more usual levels, in fact, and demand for it once again growing, many are starting to feel that the substance once again makes an excellent investment.

Even when it is so apparently attractive, though, gold can pose some problems to the average investor. Many find trading in commodity futures contracts too complicated or difficult to come to grips with, a fact that can negate gold's advantages. Fortunately, it is now as easy as could be to invest in gold bullion, too, whatever the size of the position a given investor wishes to establish.

The reason for this is the spread of Gold Storage services that allow investors to securely keep their gold holdings in a vault designed for the purpose. With low fees and impressive security records, companies like BuyAndStoreGold can make it easy for an investor to put any amount of savings into a new gold position.

In fact, the process of working with a Gold Storage company is typically almost the same as buying shares of a stock or fund through an online broker. With a few clicks of the mouse, an investor can do anything from adding more gold holdings to an account to making an annual contribution to a Gold IRA.

Many investors, then, should be thinking of this option when they look to diversify their portfolios. As the recent history of gold has shown, adding the commodity to a mix of other investments can pay off in some impressive ways. While it would certainly be better avoided, too, a future crash of the world's stock markets would also leave those with gold holdings in better shape than others.